Whether your space is an exhibition stand, event, visitor centre, product showroom or training academy, the focus should be to give your visitor a better experience. If a visit is made easier for an individual or family, their enjoyment and satisfaction levels rise, and they have more energy to enjoy and take in the exhibits and displays.

A successful visitor experience should captivate long enough to deliver the objectives. Communicate its messages to present a positive brand experience that will be shared. And educate with knowledge that rewards the time spent visiting.

There are many different solutions that we offer to help deliver a successful visitor experience.


If you are searching for a technology that allows you to see computer generated scenes over your real-time view, we would invite you to experience Augmented Reality. AR is becoming an integral part of our marketing strategies.

We all have our phones and tablets and are guilty of rarely putting them down. So technology like Augmented Reality (AR) that works with these devices will have a broad appeal. Within the context of marketing, AR allows brands to offer unique and immersive digital experiences, and to engage consumers in a memorable way.  Like most technology, AR is improving at pace. Massive investment from super brands Apple, Google and Facebook is taking AR hardware and software capability to another level.


How do you immerse a potential customer in a world that you want them to see without any distractions? Say hello to Virtual Reality. VR has the potential to transform our day-to-day interactions, our work and our processes.

Virtual Reality (VR) involves wearing a headset that blocks out the real world around you and replaces it with a computer generated virtual one. You are able to move your head around to see a full 360 degree environment, and interact by moving around or picking up and manipulating objects.

With Virtual Reality (VR) you can educate large numbers of people at the same time. Traditional forms of training can be expensive especially if you have to transport groups of people from various locations, Virtual Reality training can help save cost by reducing site travel. VR is also meaningful to people with limited physical mobility, as it allows them to experience environments they may not otherwise have been able to.


A boring presentation can lose your audience quickly. Multi-touch technology allows you to present your brand in a captivating and memorable way. Store all your content in one place and access and change it with a simple touch.


Using large multi-touch screens and tables, we can turn ordinary content and presentations into interactive discussion areas. We use a simple template software that allows for custom branding but maintains affordability. We use your existing files, such as standard PDF’s, video clips and CAD models to build a powerful multi-touch screen system that is optimised for your event. Simply touch in a case study or product relevant to that conversation.


Multi-touch technology can be used on transparent screens which allow you to display digital content in front of physical displays. Allowing the visitor to reveal new products.


With the fast growing popularity of the esports industry, we created a dedicated FIFA 20 gaming zone where visitors could play against a pro player for a chance to win a Playstation. To add to the atmosphere we had a commentator to describe all the action.


Seamless LED screens are now quick and easy to install, and evidence shows that visitors will stop and watch a moving image to gather information. With more companies now rightly creating video content, our designs are encouraging this content to be shown.

Our digital team has evolved from the demands of customers to help them deliver content. We recognize the importance of creating content so offer this service to all our customers. Many just don’t have the budget or resources to deliver content, so this is where we can help.


Any marketing campaign now needs to have a ‘phone first’ approach to appeal to all customers. Understanding technologies like Proximity Beacons is critical to its success.

Beacons are small, wireless transmitters that use low-energy Bluetooth technology to send signals to other smart devices nearby. Put simply, they send notifications to smartphones when in a certain location (or proximity).


Using these in addition to other technologies like Augmented and Virtual reality can help deliver amazing visitor experiences.

If you would like to see how we can help your business, then get in touch by emailing us at hello@exhibitinteractive.co.uk or calling us on 01386 833105.