People today are understandably just as interested in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as they are in a company’s products and services.

Whether they are big or small, exhibitions and events can generate large amounts of waste and consume valuable resources. It must change.

Encouraging sustainability is about so much more than using LED lights. It’s about the future. As a company it is important to us that we try wherever possible to respect the environment. What people think of our company is critical to its success, and so we want people to understand how we think.

Therefore, we will endeavour to:

  • Comply with all relevant legislation and regulations.
  • Build environmental and sustainable considerations into all aspects of our business and projects.
  • Reduce waste and actively seek opportunities to reuse and recycle material.
  • Procure recycled resources, stationery and packaging.
  • Purchase fair trade consumables and seek local suppliers where possible.
  • Use energy efficiently.
  • Prevent pollution by reducing emissions generated through daily business and promote sustainable travel including car share, public transport and cycle to work schemes where appropriate.
  • Gain and act upon feedback.
  • Promote continuous improvement of environmental and sustainable performance.
  • Educate and raise awareness of employees in environmental and sustainable issues and the environmental and sustainable effects of their activities.
  • Share environmentally friendly reusable or recycled solutions with clients.
  • Pass on our principles through our supply chain.
  • Maintain and review the management system to support the implementation of this policy.
  • Aim for leadership within the fields of the sustainable development of events.
  • Ensure all design projects are sustainability focused.
  • Work with local charities and community groups to add value and encourage learning and development.
  • Monitor our environmental and sustainable performance regularly and set objectives and targets for further improvement.

Joe Ashton

Managing Director
October 2019