Exhibition Stands

To make a long-lasting impact, you need to connect, engage and inspire your audience. That’s exactly what we do.

Be inspiring

At Exhibit Interactive, we don’t do dull and boring. Instead, we’re more interested in helping you to think differently about the way you present your brand at exhibitions and events.

To draw attention, make an impact and capture hearts and minds, you’ve got to inspire your audience. They want something valuable, memorable and remarkable.

That’s where we come in. We know that the exhibition industry has gone stale. It’s full of the same bland ideas and old thinking… unimaginative and uninspiring. We see things differently.

Let us help you make a stand.

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Small Space

One Day Exhibitions

Starter Kits & Self Build

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Be amazing

To have a long-lasting impact, you’ve got to inspire your audience.
When it comes to exhibitions, time and attention are valuable commodities. If you want people to spend their time with you, you’ve got to give them something they’ll value in return.

If you deliver something bland, it will be forgotten in an instant.
But if you give them something compelling, they’ll remember you forever. We understand the science behind making an impact, and the art of inspiring your audience.

We’re not here to help you do safe and boring, we’re here to help you exhibit differently, be brave, stand out and make a statement.
We’ll help you to rethink your relationship with your visitors and what they want from your brand. Then, using a unique blend of creativity and technical know-how, we deliver remarkable exhibition solutions that help you stand out.

Interaction drives inspiration

Give your visitors something remarkable

We offer a wide range of fresh, innovative and compelling solutions to help you deliver a remarkable exhibition experience to your visitors. These include custom-built and modular exhibition stands, shell schemes, starter and self-build kits, plus amazing solutions for small spaces and one-day exhibitions.

Case Studies

From big brands to SMEs, exhibitions to showrooms and visitor centres, we have helped hundreds of clients to create memorable experiences for their visitors. Check out our case studies to find out more.