Wherever possible we will always encourage customers to exhibit interactive. After all that is how we got our name.

Research shows that people are far more likely to remember you if they have interacted with your product or brand. Exhibition stands should not be pretty pictures, they should be designed to help generate business. Technology is transforming the way we interact with each other. People crave knowledge and want that delivered to them in an engaging and exciting way.



Evidence Based Design (EBD) is the process of basing decisions on research to achieve the best possible outcomes. It should be applied to all forms of design and we apply it to our exhibition stand designs.

We are always seeking research to help better our offer. Speaking to visitors and asking the questions that exhibitors should want to hear the answers to. Most of it is just common sense but in this time limited world we live in it’s easy to repeat the same mistakes. Visitors to trade shows and events are not attracted by structures. Its new products, technology and networking that draws them.

We listen to them, keep our exhibition stand designs simple and professional, and try to give exhibitors the tools to deliver a successful exhibition.



We are big fans of high level banners. They act as a great wayfinding tool. We have our own stock of banners which are simple and quick to install. This means we can get the important branding and lighting up and out the way very quickly on site, allowing us to keep any floor standing structure simple with a focus on the product.

It is not always possible to avoid having a raised floor on larger exhibition stands because of the location of the service ducts at a venue. But where possible a raised floor should be avoided. Not only are they costly to install, evidence shows that visitors are more likely to walk on to a stand which is on the same level as the venue. If you have ever visited a trade show it is almost certain you have witnessed somebody trip over on the edge of a raised floor. Show organisers have been known to block off access to exhibition stands where someone has tripped. Not a good look.

There is plenty of evidence that both visitor and exhibitor numbers at traditional trade shows are declining. Marketing budgets are being targeted more towards digital and online. There are still some impressive and well organised exhibitions out there that are well worth attending, but we are now witnessing the popularity of the one day sector specific event with speaking opportunities. Companies want their key employees presenting their message to the live and online audience simultaneously. With shorter duration events comes shorter duration install and dismantling times. It is not uncommon to be given just one day to install a stand and an evening to dismantle it.

And because of this we can see evidence of the trend towards more efficient and sustainable stand construction methods. Although sometimes unavoidable, it really makes no sense spending huge portions of a budget on structures that get thrown away a few days later.

We have a large stock of the T3 display system which we use to create exhibition stands at a fraction of the cost of a custom built one. Using T3 allows us to install and dismantle an exhibition stand quickly using less labour and transport. Furthermore, it is flexible to allow for re-installation in a variety of different sized spaces. Advancements in large format printing means it is now quicker and more affordable to print it rather than build it.



Many companies traditionally think they need to build a big bulky structure to generate interest, but our evidence is showing that this approach is slowly changing. Even a company like Google is now embracing a more sustainable approach when exhibiting.

Spending less of the budget on structures allows for the use of more technology that was previously unaffordable for most exhibitors. With more companies now rightly creating video content, our designs are encouraging this content to be shown on the stands. Seamless LED screens are now quick and easy to install, and evidence shows that visitors will stop and watch a moving image to gather information.



We are always surprised when we see competitors talk about exhibition stand design and not mention probably the most important part of exhibiting. Gathering data.

Our evidence from talking to some exhibitors is that there are always limitations and restrictions from using scanner pens and apps provided by the show organisers. We have listened to this feedback and offer our free to use contact form to all our customers. Any data collected goes straight to you.

We have adapted this form to abide with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The GDPR will apply in the UK from 25 May 2018. The government has confirmed that the UK’s decision to leave the EU will not affect the commencement of the GDPR.

Social media plays a big part in our lives now both personally and in business. Evidence shows us that Twitter is widely used by journalists so it’s important to join in and share your thoughts, photos and videos to help promote your message. A great way to get people involved in these conversations is by having a large live social wall. People love to see their tweets appear on a big screen at an event. It’s like being on TV.



If you are looking for a supplier that can offer an affordable and interactive approach to exhibition stands, then get in touch at hello@exhibitinteractive.co.uk to discuss how we could help.