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Take your business, brand or event into the virtual world to engage new audiences, extend your reach and inspire more people.

Pivot to virtual

The world around us has changed. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on live events and visitor attractions, leaving businesses looking for new marketing strategies to reach their customers. The traditional routes to your audience are changing.

More and more businesses are pivoting to virtual to get their brands, products and services out there. From virtual exhibition stands and trade shows to showrooms, cities and tours, this new way of marketing your business is here to stay.

Are you ready to join the virtual revolution?
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Exhibition Stands

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A virtual experience

With real-world events and activities becoming a challenge to stage safely, businesses are changing the way they engage with their customers and are stepping into the virtual world.

Without the confines of a physical environment, a virtual space provides a blank canvas with limitless potential to showcase your business and make an impact. There are also no limits on how far you can reach. We create a virtual space which puts your brand in front of a global online audience that is there all year round.

We’ve been in the live events industry for a long time, and we’re passionate about driving change. With our Exhibit Virtual service, we provide a simple and affordable solution to take your business or event from the real world to the virtual one.

Step into the virtual world

Memorable virtual experiences to inspire your audience

We offer a wide range of fresh, innovative and compelling solutions to help you deliver a remarkable virtual experience. Whether you’re an event organiser looking to expand into the virtual world, or a business looking for a virtual exhibition stand or bespoke virtual space to showcase your brand, products and services, we can help.

Case Studies

From big brands to SMEs, exhibitions to showrooms and visitor centres, we have helped clients to create memorable experiences for their visitors. Check out our case studies to find out more.