Virtual Exhibition Stands

Take your exhibition stand into the virtual world to deliver a memorable experience to a global online audience.

An engaging experience

Virtual exhibition stands enable you to break free from the limits of a physical space. They provide a blank canvas on which to create a visitor experience that’s unique, inspiring and memorable.

Working from your initial brief, we’ll design and create a virtual exhibition stand that wows your audience and makes a real impact. And because we’re not constrained by space or budget, we can include visual and interactive elements that simply wouldn’t be possible in the real world.

Best of all, it will be hosted online and available 24/7 on-demand to a global audience, which removes all the hassle of setting up and attending a time-limited physical event.

Harnessing the latest technology

We host your virtual exhibition stand on an exclusive URL – or provide you with a file to host on your own website – that you can use to promote and drive visitors to your stand all year round. Visitors can explore your virtual exhibition stand in 360° and interact with various elements along the way.

Floor icons easily navigate your visitor around your virtual stand or exhibition, emulating the wayfinding in a physical venue, for an engaging, interactive and fun experience. We can integrate a wide range of elements, including product demonstrations, augmented reality, videos or other interactive content, gamification, and lead generation or data capture forms.

With no mask required online, people can view it any time without the need to register, travel or book accommodation and their safety is guaranteed.
Our bespoke platform performs well on both desktop and mobile, making it easy for your audience to visit on the go.

Bring your brand to life

Create new and memorable experiences for your visitors

We create virtual exhibition stands to help you showcase your brand and business in the best light. Our custom designs make it easy for you to incorporate highly visual, cutting-edge digital content into your stand to deliver an interactive and immersive experience.

We’ve worked in the live events industry for a long time. We have a wealth of experience in designing and building exhibition stands which drive engagement and offer your audiences something different, unique and exciting.

Case Studies

From events and exhibitions to brand marketing and product launches, we’ve helped many clients to create memorable experiences for their customers. Check out our case studies to find out more.