Top tips to make your exhibition stand more interactive

Events, trade shows, conferences and expos are an excellent way for brands to connect with potential new customers, build relationships with existing clients and showcase their products or services.

However, standing out from the crowd at a busy exhibition to attract more visitors to your stand can be challenging.

With so many stands to look at and so many businesses fighting for visitors’ attention, delivering a fun and engaging experience and making a memorable impact is essential.

An interactive exhibition stand holds the key to cutting through the noise your competitors create and capturing your audience’s imagination.

When done right, interactive exhibition stands are an effective marketing tool many brands use to promote their business, attract more customers and, ultimately, generate more leads.

Here, we look at some of the ways you can make your exhibition stand more interactive, to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Why interactive exhibition stands are important

Let’s take a moment to think about the typical exhibition or trade show. 

Picture the scene – rows and rows of plain, drab, boring exhibition stands that all look the same. Exhibitors are boxed in like battery hens, sitting behind tables or next to leaflet displays.

There’s nothing to catch the eye or draw people in. It’s unimaginative and uninspiring.

Now, imagine if just one of them had a little bit of interactivity on their stand – an interactive touchscreen, a game or even some tech, like virtual reality.

Pretty cool, right? That’s the place you’d want to be.

That’s why interactive exhibition stands are important. They draw people in. They generate interest. They’re a great way to engage with people, offer a personalised experience and allow you to show off your products and services in the best possible way.

Interactive exhibition stands are designed to grab the attention of visitors and encourage them to engage with you. The aim is to create a welcoming, interesting environment where people can try out your products, play games, learn about your brand and, most importantly of all, have a bit of fun.

If you can create something memorable, the visitors will flock to your stand, where you can engage them and generate more leads.

You should think of your exhibition stand as the face of your brand. If it’s dull, boring and instantly forgettable, people will walk on by. However, if it’s fun, engaging and interactive, people might just stick around to find out what you have to offer.

And that’s the end goal, right?

Ways to make your exhibition stand more interactive

Making your exhibition stand more interactive doesn’t have to cost loads of money.

It’s not necessarily about investing in the latest tech or creating a high-concept bespoke stand that looks good on paper but is difficult to deliver. In fact, some of the best interactive exhibition stands we’ve built are based on a simple – but well-executed – idea.

The key is to think creatively. If you understand your audience and how you want them to engage with your brand, the battle is won. Here are our top tips:

Make it memorable

If you want to stand out from the competition at a big trade show or expo, you’ve got to be memorable. Your visitors won’t care how big or small your stand is or how much money you’ve spent on it if you’ve given them an experience to remember. There are a few things to bear in mind here.

Your stand needs to make a visual impact, so make sure it’s on-brand, eye-catching and welcoming – people will just walk by if it doesn’t grab their attention. Also, make sure it’s well-laid out and uses the space properly, to draw people in.

And have the right people on the stand, who are primed and understand their roles. It’s all about being engaging and attracting people to the stand. They don’t want to see people sitting there looking bored and staring into space. If your team are friendly, talkative and interact with delegates as they walk past, you can start to engage them in the right way.    

Include activities

Games, quizzes, competitions, and other activities are a great way to pique people’s interest and get them to visit your stand. So, think about including some of these elements in your event strategy.

Could you, for example, run a quiz or competition that visitors can enter only if they leave their contact details?  

Or a photo booth, complete with props, where people can take branded selfies and share them on social media? 

What about delivering live product demonstrations at various times of the day?

How about a popcorn stand or coffee bar to draw people in?

Or even a human mannequin to inject an element of visual interest, fun and surprise?

There are many interactive activities you can include in your stand that aren’t too expensive to deliver but can make a memorable impact on the visitors to your stand.

Use tech

You can’t beat a bit of tech to draw the visitors in. Digital displays, touchscreens, virtual or augmented reality and interactive electronic games can all create a buzz around your stand and give people something to do while they visit.

Proximity beacons can add an extra dimension to the experience. You can send out targeted push notifications to their smartphones when relevant attendees are near your stand, to help you engage with them in a personalised way.

And if you have products, equipment or machinery, live demonstrations where people can see them in action is an excellent way of helping people understand more about what you do.

The vital point to remember here is to use tech in the right way, rather than just having it on your stand for the sake of it.

When you work with an event partner like Exhibit Interactive, we can advise you on the best tech to use, source it or rent it from our own in-house stock and integrate it into your stand for maximum impact.

Consider your content

If you’re integrating tech into your stand, thinking about your content is critical. While rocking up to an exhibition with some LED display screens is all well and good, if you’ve got nothing to display on them, what’s the point?

So, give careful consideration to what content you use.

Is it on-brand and engaging?

Is it targeted at the right audience?

Does it give the right message?

Again, this is something the right event partner can help you with.

At Exhibit Interactive, we don’t just build sustainable exhibition stands. We can also create amazing content for your stand to ensure it makes the right impression and helps you achieve your event objectives.

Useful giveaways

If you’re planning to give away freebies – such as branded stationery items, gadgets or goodie bags – make sure they add value and support your objectives.

At events, a lot of freebies end up in the bin. This isn’t great from a sustainability perspective, and seeing a load of branded items in the bin isn’t a good look for your business either.

So, make sure your giveaways are useful so people are less likely to bin them, and be selective with who gets them.

Never give any freebies away without getting something in return. Have a competition or an activity on the stand to qualify your visitors as sales prospects. At the very least, ask for their business card or contact details in exchange for the giveaway.

How can Exhibit Interactive help?

The goal of an exhibition stand is to create a conversation with visitors. If you have an interactive exhibition stand at your next event, people will be more inclined to come and explore your brand.

As our name suggests, we’re all about making events and exhibitions more interactive, to help businesses reach more customers and inspire their audiences.

We design and build sustainable exhibition stands to suit any budget, from simple system stands to more complex bespoke installations.

We also help even organisers break free from bland old shell scheme and offer their exhibitors something different.

If you need help making an impact at your next event, we’d love to help. Get in touch today to talk about your next project. 

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