Why you need a reusable exhibition stand

Reusable exhibition stands are often overlooked when it comes to events and exhibitions.

Too many brands and businesses, big and small, still think investing in single use stands is the way to make the best impression. After all, you have only a few seconds to capture attention and make a memorable impact.

If your stand is eye-catching, vibrant and reflects your brand in the right way, chances are, you’ll attract more people to your stand. If it’s drab, dull and boring, your potential customers will walk on by.

Reusable exhibition stands can take many forms, from simple, modular solutions all the way up to bespoke creations and custom builds.   

However, there’s still a big misconception in the industry that single use, event-specific exhibition stands are the be-all and end-all. While it might hold true that you get what you pay for – and trust us, we’ve done some amazing work for clients with big budgets – the truth is, reusable exhibition stands are the way forward.

Here, we explain why.

Why you need to plan ahead for
your exhibition stand

Before the events of 2020, we saw a marked shift in the number of clients looking to get more from their events budgets. While the need to create the right impression and engage visitors at events will always be there, many brands are now waking up to the fact they can achieve this without having to invest in expensive, high-concept single use exhibition stands.

A more flexible approach, with stands that can be used again and again, proves far more cost-effective over the longer term. The coronavirus pandemic, which saw many physical events cancelled or shifted online, accelerated this trend.   

However, with COVID restrictions continuing to wind down and physical events back on the agenda, many exhibitors are turning their attention back to exhibitions, trade shows and expos, while placing greater focus on sustainability and, crucially, value for money.

So, if your business is getting back on the physical events circuit and is looking for a way to make a splash at exhibitions, here are some of the reasons why you should consider reusable exhibition stands.

What is a reusable exhibition stand?

As their name suggests, reusable exhibition stands provide a more sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional stands used only for a single event before they’re dismantled and destroyed.

Reusable stands are easy to install, take down, transport and store. This helps extend their lives and deliver greater value for money while minimising their impact on the environment. They are also easy to re-skin with new or updated visuals, which means your brand could get years of use from a reusable exhibition stand that can be updated as your business and your message evolves.

Reusable exhibition stands can also be configured to suit a variety of spaces. This is crucial – because no two events and exhibitions are the same, the space you have available will be different at each, so your stands can be adapted to suit. If you’re going down the single-use route, you’ll need a stand that’s bespoke to each event.

While there’s nothing wrong with that if you have the budget, it can prove even more expensive in the long run, as well as being less sustainable.

What are the benefits of reusable
exhibition stands?

Reusable exhibition stands help level the playing field for smaller brands and businesses which, previously, may not have been able to afford big exhibition spaces or single show stands. Some of the main benefits of reusable exhibition stands include:

Save money

The world is a much different place compared to two years ago, with the after-effects of the coronavirus pandemic causing all sorts of commercial issues. Businesses of all sizes are under pressure to cut costs and get more from their marketing and events budgets. 

Reusable exhibition stands can be used at multiple events, which is far more cost-effective than investing in custom-built stands that will be disposed of after one or two uses. When you invest in a reusable exhibition stand, you’re basically spreading the cost over the number of events you use it for, which can add up to significant savings in the long run if you’re using it at several events a year.

Easier planning

Planning for events can be a huge challenge, with so many things to think about, from transport and logistics to stand build and health and safety, not to mention design and creative. If you’re taking a different stand to every event you attend, you’ll need a separate plan for each one. 

One of the main benefits of reusable exhibition stands is they can pretty much be adapted to any event or space, meaning that once you’ve done the planning for one, you can stick to the same plan for each subsequent event. This will help take the pressure off your events team and free up your time to focus on the more creative elements, so you can make a memorable impact at every event you attend.

Flexible and scalable

One of the best things about reusable exhibition stands is how flexible and scalable they are. As we mentioned above, they can be adapted to suit just about any event space. It means you can go large and let your imagination and creativity run wild when space is not an issue, but still create an eye-catching exhibition stand in a limited footprint. 

They can accommodate technology, such as touchscreens, LED displays and other interactive elements to help keep your visitors engaged and reduce the need to take loads of printed marketing materials. They’re also easy to update. Individual elements can be designed to work independently and as part of a group, so you can mix and match which stand components you take, depending on the event and the space you have available.

Less waste

Corporate social responsibility is a key priority both for event organisers and exhibitors, with sustainability coming ever more to the fore. The amount of waste produced at most events is shocking. While organisers are responsible for reducing the overall carbon footprint of their events, exhibitors also have a big responsibility to ensure they are mitigating their impact on the environment, minimising waste and recycling event materials wherever possible. 

This is where reusable exhibition stands have a big edge over single use displays. While the former can be refreshed, reused and recycled, most event-specific stands end up being scrapped after one or two uses. Not only is this like pouring money down the drain, but it can also have a significant impact on the environment and contribute to the UK’s growing landfill problem, especially when non-recyclable materials like plastics are used in the build. The key message here is to think. 

Do you really need to invest heavily in a new stand that you’re going to use for only one event? And, if so, what’s going to happen to it afterwards? Reusable exhibition stands are a great way to meet your CSR objectives and do your bit to be more sustainable. We need the whole industry to get behind this.  


Reusable stands aren’t just great for events. When you’re not on the road exhibiting, they can be put to better use than simply sitting in storage ready for your next event. They can add visual appeal to your reception area, showroom, meeting rooms or training facilities.

They can help bring your brand to life to staff in drab and boring offices or open-plan spaces. They can even make great backdrops in Zoom or Teams calls, media interviews and social media videos.

Give Exhibit Interactive a call

If you’re looking for a creative and sustainable solution for your next event or exhibition, Exhibit Interactive can help you deliver a memorable experience to visitors to your stand. 

From help and advice to planning and design, we can create reusable exhibition stands to suit any budget, from simple modular-based systems to bespoke, custom-built brand experiences. Give us a call on 01568 610522 or drop us a line at hello@exhibitinteractive.co.uk to see how.

Need to geneate more leads from your exhibition stand?

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Need to generate more leads from your exhibition stand?

Get 10 ESSENTIAL THINGS you should be doing to turn visitors in to leads.