Displays & Stands For Office Receptions

Your office reception area is often the first thing your customers will see. We can help you create a welcoming environment which makes a memorable impact on your visitors.

Make the right impression

Your office reception is often the initial point of contact for your customers and your first chance to make a good impression. The design and layout of your reception area can have a big impact on your visitors.

If it’s scruffy, cluttered or poorly designed, it might not paint the picture you want about your business. If, on the other hand, it is modern, clean and well-thought-out, it can have a positive impact on your customers, staff, partners and prospective employees. We can design and create an office reception environment which showcases your brand and business in the best light.

Make the most if your office reception space

Great office receptions have several things in common. They are functional, inviting and visually pleasing. It’s also important to consider what purpose they serve. If space is tight, you might just need a welcome desk to greet visitors and accept deliveries. If you have more space to play with, you could also accommodate a waiting area, an impromptu meeting room or even a training facility.

The key thing to remember is that your office reception will probably be one of the most frequently used areas of your business. So, not only must it be well-designed, to reflect your brand and business identity, it should also be created using durable materials and finishes that will withstand general wear and tear without losing any of its visual impact.

Bring your business to life

Office reception areas that make a positive impact on your visitors

With a background in the live events industry, we have a wealth of experience in designing and building displays and exhibitions which drive engagement and offer visitors something different, unique and exciting.

We apply the same approach to office receptions, to help you create a warm, friendly and welcoming area which makes a memorable impact on your customers. From the essential functional features that your business needs, to interactive displays which showcase your brand and products in the best light, we can help.

If you are looking to breathe new life into your office reception, we can help you create an environment which makes a lasting impression.

Case Studies

From events and exhibitions to brand marketing and product launches, we’ve helped many clients to create memorable visitor experiences for their customers. Check out our case studies to find out more.