Exhibit Cube

Exhibit Cube offers event and exhibition organisers an innovative and affordable alternative to the predictable space only and shell scheme approach to trade shows.

Time for a fresh approach

There is plenty of evidence that both visitor and exhibitor numbers at traditional trade shows are declining. Marketing budgets are being targeted more towards digital and online. There are still some impressive and well organised exhibitions out there that are well worth attending, but we are now witnessing the popularity of the one-day sector specific event with speaking opportunities.

With shorter duration events comes shorter duration install and dismantling times. It is not uncommon to be given just one day to install a booth and an evening to dismantle it.

And because of this we can see evidence of the trend towards more efficient and sustainable booth construction methods. Although sometimes unavoidable, it really makes no sense spending huge portions of a budget on structures that get thrown away a few days later.

That shell scheme looks amazing

Said no one ever

A real benefit to organisers

With our fresh method, organisers get the full control of the look and feel of their event. It changes the way an exhibition floor is managed. Out with the stale, dated and wasteful space only and shell scheme approach, and in with a new way of thinking.

Instead you can create an exhibition that focuses on networking within a safe and engaging open space. A cost-effective proposition that works for branded events, exhibitions and conferences of all sizes.

The team at Exhibit Interactive are passionate and experienced which makes Exhibit Cube easy to deliver as a real creative alternative. Our full service includes for construction, installation and removal.

A virtual solution too

The simplicity of Exhibit Cube means it works equally well as a virtual space.
Let us create you a cost effective virtual trade show which puts brands in front of a global online audience.

Aiming for zero waste

Using our UK manufactured re-usable display system with recyclable tension fabric graphics, we create a high-quality seamless finish. And we aim to be as close to zero waste as possible.

The cube design allows for valuable on-site storage of our transport cases. This means our site teams dramatically reduce the time spent waiting in vans at the venue. They are ready to go as soon as the event finishes thus reducing labour costs.

Happy exhibitors

For exhibitors, our show ready exhibition spaces are a blank canvas to promote your brand. Every surface can be branded with your choice of artwork. If you need some help, our graphic designers can work with you to amend or create your artwork.

Exhibitors provide the artwork and then just turn up. Relieving them of the work and time previously involved. This approach makes it easy and more affordable to exhibit.

With a choice of packages from the starter cube to larger walls, exhibitors can easily choose whether to upgrade.

"I do not truly consider myself an icon, but this cube has been very successful"

– Erno Rubik