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The Client

The Farm Safety Foundation is an award-winning charity dedicated to supporting the physical and mental wellbeing of the UK’s farmers.

Established by NFU Mutual in 2014 to help young farmers challenge their behaviours and change their attitude to farm safety. The aim of the Foundation is to have zero avoidable deaths on our farms. To achieve this, the Foundation works closely with partners in the industry to engage, educate and communicate strong and relatable farm safety messages.

The Project

Since 2015 over 6,600 agricultural students from colleges and universities around the UK have attended courses run by the Foundation. Students were transported by coach to working farms where various farm accident scenarios were re-enacted using mannequins. Real farmers were on hand to talk about and show the real consequences of risk taking on a farm.

The Foundation were keen to embrace technology to provide a more innovative learning tool where the students can visit farms without having to leave the classroom.

The Solution

We created a realistic 3D virtual farm and recorded a series of accident scenarios that could be shown to the students using Virtual Reality.  With each student wearing a VR headset, the course leader uses an iPad to control what the students see.  Playing and pausing to engage and ask questions of the students.  Custom storage cases allow the Foundation team to easily charge and transport the headsets to each college.

The Impact

Feedback from both the Foundation and students has been very positive.

Course leaders soon realised that headsets significantly reduced the amount of classroom distraction, leading to a more effective learning method.


"We are very privileged to have this opportunity to influence the next generation of farmers and start to nudge better behaviours in an industry with the poorest safety record of any occupation in the UK and this is something we take very seriously".