PLANITHERM TOTAL+ is a revolutionary high performance thermally insulating (low-E) glass that has been optimised to help windows achieve the highest Window Energy Ratings (WERs). It has many benefits such as stopping your furniture fading, are tougher to break, block outside noise, allowing the sunlight in but keeping the temperature comfortable.

But how can you allow someone to experience all these benefits without them being in a physical room? Well by using Virtual Reality (VR) technology that’s how. This clip shows the typical user view from inside the VR headset.

We created and built this virtual scene from scratch. We allow the user to interact with the scene, therefore making for a more memorable experience.

This project forms part of a bigger virtual scene created for Saint-Gobain as part of their Multi Comfort approach to designing, building and renovating our homes, workplaces, schools and other buildings to deliver improved comfort and wellbeing for everyone.

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