The Farm Safety Foundation is an award winning charity dedicated to raising the awareness of farm safety among young farmers.

NFU Mutual, an insurer that has cared about the countryside, farmers and their families for over a century, established the Foundation as an independent charity to help young farmers challenge their behaviours and change their attitude to farm safety.

We created this Augmented Reality (AR) experience for them to help promote this message.

We created the AR farm scene from scratch. The user is able to rotate the farm and touch various hot spots to discover more about the many hazards on a typical farm. Further information can be found by scrolling through the menu.

The ultimate aim of the Foundation is to have zero avoidable deaths on our farms. To achieve this, the Foundation works closely with partners in the industry to engage, educate and communicate strong and relatable farm safety messages.

Through national campaigns such as Farm Safety Week, Yellow Wellies -Who Would Fill Your Boots? and Mind Your Head, the Farm Safety Foundation is tackling the stigma around risk-taking, ensuring that that next generation of farmers is resilient and equipped with smart strategies and specific skills to live well and farm well.

The Yellow Wellies AR app works as a marketing tool within these campaigns bringing an interactive and engaging reason to discover more about farm hazards.

The AR farm scene works in conjunction with a printed promotional flyer. Print out the image below, download the Yellow Wellies AR app and point your device at this image to experience AR.

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