Using large touch screens we can turn ordinary content and presentations into captivating interactive discussion areas. Position an angled screen near a popular location and see how visitors can’t stop themselves from touching the content.

We use simple template software’s that allow for custom branding but maintain affordability. We use your existing files, such as standard PDF’s or video clips, to build a powerful multi-touch screen system that is optimised for your event.

Compared with conventional printed material the benefits of using interactive digital media are considerable. Remove any restrictions on the quantity of material you can take to the event. Save money and reduce wastage because you don’t print, transport, store or throw away printed material. Digital formats convey messages much better than paper. Allow visitors to interact with your brand. Allow visitors to email themselves the product information, giving you a qualified lead to follow up. Avoid missed opportunities. With printed material, a visitor can take a printed brochure from a stand leaving the exhibitor to rely upon the hope that they will read the brochure and call back.

Bring a bit of fun into the presentation by having games and puzzles to play. We call this gamification and is a proven way of getting visitors to hang around so you can talk with them.
Check out our showreel below.