Creating waste at a trade show exhibition is unavoidable. Anyone involved in creating an exhibition stand will create waste in some capacity, us included.

Chances are that a visitor is oblivious to the scale of work involved before and after the opening times of a trade show. Exhibitors will have experienced this but can’t keep burying their heads and ignoring that they are part of the problem. Businesses are now keen to shout about their environmental and CSR policies, so isn’t it about time we started adhering to them? Does a business really want to be associated with an avoidable creation of waste?

In the UK, during the build period for an exhibition, waste is collected and taken away within the venue free of charge. Whereas when we are building an exhibition stand in Germany and Spain we are charged for this service. I don’t think this has helped the mind set of UK exhibition stand builders.

Let’s be honest here, most people are fed up with trade shows. The problem is that they haven’t evolved, and neither have many of the exhibition stand builders involved in the industry. It’s the same thing year on year. In the modern era of a Google search and live streaming there is now a strong argument to say the trade show is going the way of the dinosaurs.

But not yet. A trade show is still a great opportunity to present your company and meet new customers. They provide an excellent platform to learn new industry practices, and provide valuable information on what your customer is wanting from you. And there are some progressive organisers out there helping to buck this trend (I said buck :-).

Are visitors going to judge you, make a decision to talk to you, or decide whether to work with you based on how big or fancy your exhibition stand is? Of course not.

Visitors don’t care what your stand looks like, they want to know what problems you can solve. And you can deliver that message with clean graphic messages and technology. There is no need to have a structure that ends up in a skip a few days later.

Creating content at the event is far more important than how good you think your stand looks. Embracing technology reflects that you are innovative and progressive.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology allow you take a visitor to another world of product experience. Touch tables can store all your content in one place that you can access with a single touch. Large LED screens can provide the eye catching element so often desired by exhibitors.

There are better ways that can help provide an affordable more technology focused approach to exhibiting.

Take our customer Wavin as a case study. Wavin are the UK’s leading manufacturer of plastic pipes for plumbing, waste and sewer systems, roof drainage, stormwater management and underfloor heating products.

Wavin invested in our T3 display system as an affordable more sustainable option and have embraced technology to help them better demonstrate and inform their customers.

Martin Lambley, Product Manager at Wavin UK, stated “We asked EI to supply a modular exhibition stand that could be taken across a number of different exhibitions. A stand that allowed a consistent message at all the exhibitions. The VR experience was a real success and provided a focal point for people to come on to the stand.” By taking this modular approach we think we have achieved a near 50% cost saving from a traditional stand build.

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