Wavin are the leading supplier of plastic pipe systems and solutions and they again turned to us to help deliver their exhibition stand for the Jewson Live exhibition in Birmingham.

Wavin are great exhibitors and always demand an interactive and engaging space to help educate visitors about their products.

We use a combination of digital technology mixed with product displays to create a space that visitors remember.

Two large touch screens allow visitors to explore Wavin’s extensive product ranges, and also play an interactive game. We find that people love trying to beat the score of their colleagues.

Visitors were also able to immerse themselves in a Virtual Reality stormwater experience. This technology puts the user underground where they can see how the Wavin product works.

Tucked away in the corner of the hall, we felt the space would benefit from having a high level suspended logo banner to help show visitors where to find Wavin.

And by not having a raised floor visitors are even more likely to walk on to the space.

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