Interactive e-Sports Stands

eSports are big business and can add a real edge of excitement to your event or exhibition. We’ll show you how to integrate eSports to deliver a memorable visitor experience.

Get in on the game

eSports has grown into a global industry in which the top gamers are treated like rock stars and the top events attract huge sponsorship deals and are watched by millions of people around the world.

Competitors from all countries take part in virtual football championships, Formula One races and golf tournaments to prove they are the best. In the same way that gamification (link to ‘gamification’ service page once built) can add a real element of excitement and interactivity to your exhibition stand or visitor experience, so can eSports.

Make your audience part of the action

The popularity of eSports lends itself really well to events and exhibitions, where incorporating virtual sports events into your stand can help draw crowds, introduce an element of fun and some competitive spirit.

Whether you’re looking to host an organised tournament which pits visitors against each other throughout the day, or something more casual where they battle for the high score, eSports can help drive footfall to your stand and create a real buzz.

There’s more to eSports than just hooking up a games console to a spare screen. With a little bit of help and creativity, you can build an eSports element into your stand and incorporate elements of your brand and products, to enhance the experience you offer to your customers.

Give your experience a competitive edge

Creative eSports solutions to enhance your visitor experience

Simplicity is the key to successfully integrating an element of eSports into your exhibition stand or visitor experience.
Thinking about the game you plan to use, how it relates to your brand and message, and how you can make it friendly, fun and competitive while still driving business results will determine its success.

For a recent client project for building supplies company Jewson, we created a dedicated FIFA 20 gaming zone, where visitors could pit their skills against a professional eSports player for a chance to win a PlayStation.

To add to the atmosphere, an eSports influencer provided a full match commentary for each game. It was a simple and cost-effective way for Jewson to add value to its stand and deliver a memorable experience.

Case Studies

From events and exhibitions to brand marketing and product launches, we’ve helped many clients to create memorable experiences for their customers. Check out our case studies to find out more.