Custom build exhibition stands

Exhibition stands which deliver a memorable experience and take your customer engagement to a whole new level.

A unique and engaging experience

When it comes to events and exhibitions, you may get only one chance to make the right impression. So, it’s crucial that your exhibition stand is unique, inspiring and delivers a memorable visitor experience.

Gone are the days of pull-up banners, leaflet stands and drab, boring displays.
Today’s exhibition delegates expect technology, interactivity, memorable content and audience engagement. They don’t just want to be sold to, they want an experience that wows their senses. We can help you give them what they want.

Making the most of technology

Research shows that people are far more likely to remember your business – and buy your products and services – if they’ve had a positive interaction with your brand.
Fortunately, technology has improved the way we interact with each other, and is a key tool in terms of driving better engagement with your customers.

At Exhibit Interactive, we don’t just create exhibition stands which look great. All our custom build stands are designed to help you generate more business. From increasing engagement to delivering memorable customer experiences, we combine creativity and technology to create custom build exhibition stands which make a real impact on your audience.

Bring your brand to life

Create new and memorable experiences for your visitors

We create custom build exhibition stands to help you showcase your brand and business in the best light. Our custom booth designs, with seamless LED screens, make it easy for you to incorporate highly visual, cutting-edge digital content into your stand to deliver an interactive and immersive experience.

We’ve worked in the live events industry for a long time and have a wealth of experience in designing and building individual and bespoke custom build exhibition stands which drive engagement and offer your audiences something different, unique and exciting.

Case Studies

From events and exhibitions to brand marketing and product launches, we’ve helped many clients to create memorable experiences for their customers. Check out our case studies to find out more.