Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is technology that can overlay computer generated scenarios over a live view of the real world.

Using the industry leading software’s Unity 3D and Vuforia, we have created numerous stunning AR experiences.

Desktop AR uses a printed marker, camera and screen. Visitors hold a printed image in their hands and show this to a camera located by a large TV screen. The camera recognises the printed image and augments a 3D computer generated object onto the screen, giving the impression that the visitor is holding this object. This object can be a product and can also show moving parts.

This printed image can also be placed on a meeting table allowing the product to appear to be floating above the table. We call this Presentation AR. It acts as a great point of reference while attendees discuss the benefits of the product. This works particularly well for new products that have not been produced yet. And for products that are too big to be transported.

Presentation AR can also be used on a smartphone. Using a live feed from the smartphone and an AR app, we can give the presenter super human powers. The presenter can show his audience his printed presentation via the live camera and make it come alive with CAD products, audio and video clips.
Tablet AR uses the live camera feed of a tablet device such as an iPad. Holding the tablet in their hands, the user can look at physical objects through the tablet and see the product itself come alive with exciting information.

We have developed our own demonstration app called Captivate to give a small glimpse at what is possible using AR. It is available on both the IOS and Android platforms.

Below is a short clip showing it being used.