Augmented Reality (AR) is software that places computer generated content in a real-time view. It’s a technology that works with a smart device.

We all have smart devices like phones and tablets, and never put them down. Technology that works with them will appeal to everyone.

Here at EI, we consider ourselves pioneers and early adopters of AR. We have been developing AR projects since 2010, showing how businesses can use it commercially to market products and brands. Most importantly we make it affordable for SME’s.

AR became more wildly known when Pokemon Go became a hit in 2016. Pokemon Go relies on GPS and uses AR technology to place virtual creatures in real locations.

Snapchat, the image messaging and multimedia mobile app, relies on objects and uses AR to overlay funny filters on to faces and scenes.

Currently our AR projects have been those that rely on a printed image, which we call a marker, to generate CAD scenes and products.



Marker based AR is still great because it directly links to marketing collateral. It makes print fun and interactive. It allows you to take a very heavy expensive product to a meeting be it boardroom or building site. To communicate your products and ideas in 360 with added realism.

It can be used as an amazing presentation tool. Using a live feed from the smartphone and an AR app, we can give the presenter super human powers. The presenter can show his audience his printed presentation via the live camera and make it come alive with CAD products, audio and video clips.

AR is a natural extension of Building Information Modelling (BIM). BIM models convert easily to use within AR scenes.

AR allows you to see inside a product and understand how it works. Holding their device in their hands, the user can look at physical objects and see the product itself come alive with exciting information.



Like most technology, AR is improving at a pace. New platforms from Apple, Google and Facebook are taking AR to the next level. Marker based AR is slowly being replaced with surface scanning technology, sometimes called ‘slam’ technology.



This app for Ikea allows you to drop objects into an environment, and manipulate them using the touchscreen. It recognises planes, like your floor, then uses the phone’s camera and its motion detectors to track movement as the phone is moved and tilted.

Mixed Reality (MR) is an environment of computer generated objects that appear within a real time view and that can be interacted with.

MR is a term that is most associated with Microsoft’s HoloLens product.

HoloLens is a wearable headset that allows you to see and interact with holograms in the real world around you. There is no doubting that the potential of this technology is amazing, but it is out of the reach of most companies because it is costly to purchase and develop.

Here at EI we don’t have the budget or time to invest in HoloLens. But we also don’t believe that it is actually that good. It’s not comfortable to wear and has a very narrow field of vision.

We think Mixed Reality should be called Wearable Augmented Reality (WAR), because AR technology has improved and now allows you to interact with objects in your view.

We have developed a simple and affordable way to do this.



We have developed our own demonstration app called Captivate to give a small glimpse of what is possible using AR. It is available on both the IOS and Android platforms.

When you use technology, it reflects that you are an innovative company. If you are wondering what AR can do for your business, then get in touch with us at and we can help show you how to create a more memorable marketing experience.