Social media plays a big part in our lives now both personally and in business. In particular Twitter is widely used by journalists so it’s important to join in and share your content.

A great way to get people involved in these conversations is by having a large live social wall.

To help do this we have created our own software that we call ExhibitWall. Styling wise we based it on the Sky Sports News screen layout. So you can have a logo, looping video, scrolling messages, and a live twitter feed. We use the leading industry platform Tweetwall so it’s solid. It’s based on using one specific hashtag. We can moderate any tweets and show specific @users and additional hashtags if required. We do it all for you so you can concentrate on other matters.

Tweets appear within seconds on the screen, and the scrolling messages can say whatever you want. For example. Come and see our new product. Talk to us about online learning. Meet our MD Joe Bloggs. Check out our Facebook page.

At any event people will be using twitter to share their thoughts and photos. And people love to see their tweets appear on a big screen at an event. It’s like being on TV.
Check out our showreel below.