A 360 video is created with a camera system that simultaneously records all 360 degrees of a scene. Viewers can pan and rotate a 360 video’s perspective to watch it from different angles. You can do this using your finger on a device or using the mouse on a desktop.

Video has become an integral part of marketing. Viewers of a video are much more likely to click through to your website. Therefore, it directly affects SEO. 360 video is taking video to the next level. It is also fits seamlessly in to Virtual Reality (VR) headsets where the user is then immersed in a real time environment where they can look all around them. It allows the user to have an exclusive audience with their surroundings. This could be an educational lesson with a respected architect telling you about how he designed the building that you are stood in. You can visit a building or tourist spot and be able to look all around while a guide educates you on what you are looking at.

The possibilities are endless and sites such as Facebook and YouTube are embracing 360 video to make it easier to view.